Masks: There Goes the Neighbourhood

Masks: There Goes the Neighbourhood Introduction

In a once-thriving neighbourhood of Halcyon City, the prosperous past that led to characteristic architecture and a better quality of life has fallen by the wayside as the city moves on and leaves it behind. The area is now a target for organised criminals and unscrupulous developers looking to make a quick buck off the homes and businesses people have strived to build up.

However, they will find the residents more resistant than they expect, as they band together to protect a neighbourhood that has history and character, a home and a community that they can't replace. Of course, the people here have their own secrets, and mysterious happenings are threatening the stability of the neighbourhood.

Will the classified scandal at the private science facility (now abandoned) a few years ago come back to haunt the neighbourhood?

Will retired heroes Saviour and Prodigy return to protect the community, or will the Crimson Cloak be left to grandstand and claim he's helping?

Will the legacy of Typhon continue to cause problems as the Karalis Family's greatest failure?
Will the Dandy Gang once again rise to power under the leadership of Virginia Dandy, daughter of the imprisoned crime boss Edwin Dandy?

Who was the unknown superpowered teenager who caused significant property damage, and can local boy Officer Scott Hendry stop them from doing it again with his neighbourhood watch scheme?

Why is AEGIS Special Agent Marco Tate in the area, and is it true that an alien from Centaurus A is nearby? Will their historical acrimony with Earth cause friction?

Can locals like book shop owner Kenneth Chandler and community organiser J.B. Navarro keep the neighbourhood from being bought up by property mogul Ezekiel Boone?

Find out in Masks: There Goes the Neighbourhood!


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